Before deeptrue was founded in 2020, the co-founders, Klaus Ammon and Andreas Logk, each worked successfully for many years in different areas of survey research and thus have a wealth of experience in surveys. Key learning from the recent past is that the traditional market research industry is increasingly coming under pressure due to digitalization – the demands for speed, convenience, and cost on the part of clients have risen massively. Companies still need insights into their products, innovations, ideas, and marketing materials – but now as immediately and cost-effectively as possible.

Fast, simple, and cost-effective
In the «traditional» insight business, meeting these requirements was impossible. Not only was it necessary to have an internal market research team with the necessary know-how to carry out surveys – but in most cases, an external institute was also commissioned to implement them. Up to now, surveys with a traditional approach have been very (costly) and are increasingly falling behind in the requirement to obtain results as quickly, simply, and cost-effectively as possible.

Customer Experience (CX)
In addition to the digital transformation, there is another major shift: More than ever before, customer needs, customer experience (CX), and user experience (UX) are decisive factors in the success or failure of an innovation. Already in the first innovation phase – the brainstorming – great care must be taken to ensure that (future) products meet the growing needs of the spoiled customer. And – the competition never sleeps.

As easy as online shopping
The guiding principle of deeptrue is that market research in the digital age should be as easy as online shopping.

Every survey project offered by deeptrue includes not only the standardized questionnaire but also the responses of survey participants and the results report with recommendations for action if desired. What used to take an entire team or agency can now be done by anyone from home in a matter of minutes at a minimal cost – like online shopping.

deeptrue sets new standards for survey projects
After a good three years of development work on the platform, the time has come – deeptrue is ready. Ideas, concepts, advertisements, and websites can be tested – anytime and anywhere. Further features and products are in the works, and since deeptrue also focuses on the customer experience (CX), feedback is always welcome.