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How it works

In only four steps

01. Free Dashboard

Create your dashboard
By opening a free account at deeptrue, you can have an overview of all projects, invite team members, and more.

02. Buy Credits

Unlock your tools
To use the deeptrue, you need to purchase credits. You can do so in the payments section of your dashboard

03. Pay by card

Secure payment
You can pay for credits via Stripe. We use industry-standard encryption to protect your personal information.

04. Use all Tools

Find Consumer Insights
Immediately after the purchase, the credits are available, and you have full access to all deeptrue tools.

Calculating your credits

Keep the costs of your project under control at all times.

Price composition

Insight Tools consist of a basic fee and the data fee. The data fee varies depending on who and how many data sources and persons you define in the briefing.

Costs overview in a briefing

You can select your Insight Tool and start the briefing in your dashboard. Depending on the project’s requirements, you will see the overall costs for your project.

deeptrue Credits

The best solution for an international product


Credits give you the security that no unexpected costs will arise for you and you can adjust your tools accordingly.


You can conduct projects in 150 countries with your credits without dealing with invoices in different local currencies.


You have total flexibility in using your credits. In case of remaining extra credits, you can use them for another tool.


Find answers to frequently asked questions here.

How does the payment work?

To use insight tools, you must purchase credits. You can buy credits in the “Payments” section of your dashboard. You can pay via an invoice or credit card. After the purchase, your credits are available for your survey projects, and you have full access to all deeptrue tools.

What is the advantage for me to have credits at deeptrue?

Security: Credits guarantee that no unexpected costs will come your way. The order will not be executed if credits do not cover your project. This way, you won’t have any unpleasant surprises, and you can review your project and configure it (e.g., reduce the number of respondents or eliminate a country). You will also benefit from preferential conditions if you purchase a more significant number of credits, which deeptrue cannot grant for a single project.

Flexibility: you have total flexibility in how you use your credits. If the number of credits for one project is less than expected, you can use the remaining credits for your future projects.

Simplicity: With your credits, you can implement projects in 150 countries without having to deal with invoices in different currencies. You no longer need foreign currencies.

When will credits be deducted from my account?

Credits are required as soon as you want to start data collection. When you begin the data collection, the corresponding credits will be deducted from your available balance. deeptrue will ask you before the start if you want to start your project now and release the budget.

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