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01. Free Dashboard

Create your dashboard
By opening a free account at deeptrue, you can have an overview of all projects, invite team members, and more.

02. Setup project

Set up your project
Follow the instructions for project setup. Provide the necessary information and documents for your project.

03. Data Collection

deeptrue does the job
Within hours, deeptrue finds suitable consumers, collects data via a questionnaire, and automatically analyzes it.

04. Insight Report

Get actionable insights
Receive a report including recommendations and action plans. Share the gained insights with your team.

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Ready to use Insight Tools


Prevent mistakes by getting timely feedback from consumers. All the tools you need to test new concepts, designs, products, websites, and more.


Find out what consumers think about your brand or advertising. All the tools you need to deal with the topic of brand and advertising.

Customer Experience

Get to know your customers better and make them your fans. All the tools focus on customer satisfaction, customer experience, and customer feedback.

Make well-founded decisions

Benefits of deeptrue Insight Tools

Out-of-box solutions

Choose the Insight tool that’s right for you, follow the instructions in the project setup, and get started. That’s it.

Access to best practice

You have access to ready-to-use solutions made by specialists who have already set up professional insight tools for years.

Fast and low cost

You can benefit from our ready-to-use solutions at a 50% lower cost than traditional market research agencies.

Created by experts

Our Insight tools combine years of industry experience, neat designing, and comprehensive evaluations.

No experience needed

Even if you have no experience, you can set up your project in minutes with deeptrue. Guaranteed.


You can immediately use deeptrue’s results and recommended actions to make the right decisions.


Trusted by the world’s most innovative companies

deeptrue supports us in a well-founded, fast, and easy way with our marketing decisions, especially in campaign development. We found deeptrue as an excellent platform for evaluating our customer insights!

Michael Schopper

Brand Manager, Maestrani AG

For us, deeptrue is an interesting and fast tool to get consumer feedback on new ads and thus implement more effective campaigns. Having access to built-in solutions, we manage to save time and money on our end.

Fabian Zbinden

Founder, BEEYOND

Innovation is the core of our business. We found deeptrue as the ideal tool to validate ideas and concepts quickly, easily, and cost-effectively. This helps us to use our resources efficiently and on the right projects.
Thomas Egli

Business Development, BKW AG

Understanding our user’s behavior on our website was a cumbersome task we had in mind. deeptrue helped us rethink our incredibly relevant decisions because they came from actual users, not based on hypotheses.
Philipp Klug

CEO, Unlimitix AG

deeptrue makes possible what is indispensable for us: fast feedback and actionable insights from consumers. Knowing what makes consumers tick aligned our business activities with customers’ needs efficiently.

Thomas Künzler

CEO, Caritas Markt

To manage brands efficiently, innovative platforms are needed that allow for quick and easy identification of the customer’s voice. deeptrue helped us understand our customers and think ahead of the competition.
Sascha Weisshaupt

Brand Director, Swisscom

Selected Features

Your connection to real consumers

Actionable Recommendations

We help you understand how consumer behaviors, needs, and beliefs can inspire powerful insights that drive your business.

Get inspired by consumers

Confront consumers with your ideas and receive feedback through open comments. Gain external perspective about consumers’ needs and wishes.

Gain access to best practices using simple tools

No more wondering how to survey consumers and formulate questions with our out-of-the-box solution suitable for any sector.

Access to 155+ million consumers

Conduct a global study with real consumers and get comparable data. Get access to quality panels. Use the right data. Take the best decisions.

Our Team

Enjoying your work leads to perfection

Klaus Ammon

Klaus Ammon

Co-founder, Board Member

More than 30 years of experience in marketing and consumer insights projects.

Andreas Logk

Andreas Logk

Co-founder, CEO

+15 years of experience in consumer insights and survey methodology.

Sylvestre Lucia

Sylvestre Lucia

Head of Product

10 years of experience with digital projects. Leading the remote development team.

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